Color me happy!

We made it!
Clean and ready to go…

On Saturday May 31, 2014 we “ran” in the Color Run Amsterdam.  It was truly the Happiest 5km On The Planet!

Priority parking outside the entrance.
At least an hour before the first group ran.

At least an hour before the first group runs, and it is packed, the party is thumping, race numbers being pinned, tattoos applied, t-shirts being exchanged, last stop for the porta-potties and everyone is already having a great time!

Tagging and bagging
My little runners
“Can’t see me Mama”
Heading to the start line to “warm up” and party!
I am not certain that a Strider, a Burley or a Crit Plate have ever done a Color Run before, but they certainly have now.  I am glad I bought them as I think 5km might have been just a little too much for Mr 4 to walk or run by himself, and he is such a heavy weight that I could not carry him that far, even though I would have been forced too!


One… we are off…

That is not a happy starting line face!

The start was loud so he hopped in the Burley & got his first dose of color.

1km away and the air has turned red… exciting!

Running the red…. so fun!
Seeing the world through rose colored glasses
Trotting into the green machine
“It’s like dry boogers”
“Keep running Mama, I want more paint!”
A civilised moment on the route.
Two cool dudes.
All ages.  All abilities.  All good fun.
Who said tutus weren’t cool?
Sums it up…
We couldn’t stop grinning.
Can you even imagine what it would have been like had it been raining? We were so lucky to have such gorgeous weather!
Rockin’ my black & white tie-dye pants!
Seriously, we didn’t do a lot of running.  Neither did anyone else for that matter.  There were of course a few “real runners” who were there to obviously get some exercise, but for the rest of us, we were there to have a tonne of fun!

I don’t know what we would do without the Burley!
Gritty teeth!

I love the “tutu epidemic” and hope that it is here to stay.  It should NEVER EVER matter what you wear or what you look like, as long as you are out there having a good time and getting in amongst it!  These girls rocked their tutu’s, as well as so many others that day! 

My little loves.

Seeing spots.

Mr 4 got a lot of attention!
And so did Mr 10!
Pinky and the Brain Brain Brain Brain….
Mr 4’s love!
Ambo’s on bikes?  Brilliant!
Little bags of HAPPY!
My boys love good tunes!
Lots of hungry peeps!
It tasted sooooo good!
Mr 10 in amongst it.  Gets that from his mum!
Having a ball!
Found more spectacular tutu-girls (Now I wish I had one!)
The boys and I didn’t stop dancing as soon as we hit the finish area.  They most definitely take after their mum and I have promised to take them to a music festival one day.  They seem to have great taste in music so far, I will also take full credit for that!
“Mum, I am so tired – I can’t walk anymore”
Have I mentioned how grateful I am to have had the foresight to buy that Burley nearly 10 years ago?  I don’t know what we would do without it?  I do know that my children would be walking a whole lot more though!  
Post run carnage. 

Back at the car I made the boys change and I put towels on the seats so they wouldn’t leave painty bum marks everywhere.  Mission accomplished.  I can’t say the same for painty tyre marks in the back though… but oh well!

The next day I hosed down the Strider and the Burley in the yard, and after an afternoon in the sun, the Burley was dry and usable again.  Seriously LOVE that thing!

Here is the official Color Run 2014 Amsterdam footage.

See you at the next one!

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