Aussie in The Netherlands on game day

Flying some pride!

I shuttled the monsters to school, but first I decided to make the Burley a little more “appropriate” for the day, hoping by sheer will that the mighty Soceroos will thrash Oranje.  I really do love the Dutch by the way, it is just today…. well… I am flying the Green and Gold and a lot of Aussie flags!

So this is what my day looked like…
Aussie shuttle service
My gorgeous friend taking her pup
& daughter for a ride to the dunes
after school drop off.

About to hit the trails.

Lovink the name!
A nice little section of the trail through the dunes behind our house.
Met this lovely couple on the trail.  They are spending the next few
weeks cycling around The Netherlands.  


Tot ziens!  
Elf dwellings
…has some visitors.
Found myself in Bergen Aan Zee.
Facing down the North Sea.
Gorgeous houses, but a little hard to see tucked away.

Udderly rediculous!
Can’t imagine who these sparkling beauties are barracking for?
Like a bridge over green water…
Bergen Ruinekirk preparing for the hundreds of walkers participating
in a 4 day walk around North Holland.
The Aussie flags were attracting a lot of Oranje attention.

So much beauty!

Moto of today!

No day in the life of a mum is complete without a trip to the supermarket, right?  Even the supermarkets are getting into the Oranje spirit!  

Very Dutch indeed!

Everything was orange, even the supermarket hamsters.

Crazy for orange!

Sugar high.
Team shirts and dresses sold in the supermarket.

Futbol shaped bread.

Snack sets and decorations.

Bedding and towels. 

Seriously, you can deck out a whole house with Dutch Team pride! 


More cheese… and yummy stuff!

A supermarket employee and a customer (friends) with the
“one and only Aussie brave enough to wear her colours”.


And flora
Of course the bars were in the spirit of things.

Dutch pride everywhere.

Even the littlest love it!

What a beautiful day in such a great country!

Well done The Netherlands, you played a stellar match against the mighty Socceroos!  You should be very proud and I am thrilled that I had the opportunity to experience it here with you!


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